Our 33 day roadtrip will conclude today as we depart Tallahassee and return home to Sarasota. Our final driving day consists of only 330 miles and just two supercharger stops. Our battery is full since the Four Points Sheraton Tallahassee has (2) Tesla charging stations.


We left the hotel a little after 8 am headed for the Lake City, Florida supercharger station. We arrived at the station in about 90 minutes and charged for only 15 minutes before we were on our way to the supercharger in Ocala, Florida.


We arrived at the Ocala supercharger station a little after noon and we refueled while we ate lunch at Mimi’s Café (which is in the same parking lot). They offer a 10% discount to Tesla drivers. This was the last supercharger stop of our entire roadtrip. We had visited (56) supercharger stations over 33 days! That represents approximately 25% of all the supercharger stations in America. I figure that’s probably some sort of record.


After lunch we left the supercharger station. And that’s when everything went wrong. As we pulled into traffic, the accelerator pedal became non-responsive. There was a slight downgrade to the next driveway so I put the car in neutral and rolled into a Cadillac dealership where we pushed the car into a parking space. One employee helped, while (3) other salesmen watched. One of the “watchers” commented (multiple times) that we should have purchased a Cadillac – and he offered to sell me one. I politely declined, and resisted the temptation to bring up the subject of the defective ignition switches which caused 124 deaths in GM cars.

I called Tesla Roadside Assistance and explained the problem. They dispatched a tow truck to our location which took us and our car to the Tampa Service Center, where they already had a (top of the line) Tesla Model S loaner car waiting for us. Several staff members (including the manager) stayed at least 30 minutes beyond closing time (on a Friday), to ensure that our inconvenience was minimized. We transferred our bags into the “clean” loaner car, and drove the last 55 miles to our home. We arrived home a little before 7pm (about 3 hours later than planned), with smiles on our face, and hundreds of stories to tell.

Perhaps the troubles we experienced on the afternoon of our last travel day were a reminder (from above), to remain humble (grateful for our safety and security), and not to boast.   Well then, message received.

In the next day or two, I will make one final post which will summarize our 7,200 mile, 33 day roadtrip. I’ll include memorable highlights from our amazing trip. Thanks for following this travel blog, and look for our summary post.