Today we’re driving about 460 miles from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Tallahassee, Florida. This brings our total roadtrip to 6,853 miles. We plan to refuel at the Mobile, Alabama supercharger and the DeFuniak Springs, Florida supercharger. The first stop is 195 miles from Baton Rouge. I set the cruise control at 70 mph, turned on an audio book, and we rolled into the Mobile, AL supercharger three hours later.


The audio book was “Whiplash” by Catherine Coulter. Our rating 3 ½ stars out of 5. After we left the supercharger station, we were able to see the skyline of downtown Mobile.


On our way to Florida we encountered a brush fire on the highway. It looked like tall dry grass in the shoulder was ignited by a hot muffler pipe. It’s safe to say an all-electric vehicle was not responsible (no tailpipe).


We’re finally back in Florida!!


Shortly thereafter we arrive at the DeFuniak Springs supercharger station. This was our first time here. It’s a really small town. There didn’t appear to be any restaurant options within walking distance of the supercharger station. Fortunately there was a Medical Clinic across the street where we were able to use the restrooms.


We charged for 35 minutes, and then departed for Tallahassee. We arrived at our hotel and plugged into one of the Tesla charging stations at the hotel. We’ll have a full battery in a few hours.

Tomorrow is the final day of our 33 day journey. Stay tuned.