We’re spending the day in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We didn’t refuel last night when we arrived, and we were pretty low on fuel. This morning the car showed that we had 22 miles of range, and we had a 6 mile drive to the Baton Rouge supercharger station. When we arrived at the supercharger station we had only 16 miles of range.


Fortunately, this supercharger station was co-located with some decent shopping (Pier 1 Imports, etc.). We did a 75% charge in about 35 minutes, and then we went to the mall. We planned to see a movie (War Room). We highly recommend it. Then we picked up a few essentials, and headed back to the supercharger station to get a full range charge for tomorrow’s drive.


The first leg of tomorrow’s drive is about 200 miles (to Mobile, Alabama). Tomorrow, we plan to drive all the way to Tallahassee, Florida. So we’re taking it easy today (no sightseeing). Stay tuned.