Today we’re leaving Dallas, on our way to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We’re traveling 480 miles. That will bring our total roadtrip to 6,400 miles! Along the way, we’ll refuel at Corsicana, TX, Huntsville, TX, and Lake Charles, LA. We’re leaving Dallas with less than 100 miles of range because we did not have a convenient option for charging yesterday. Fortunately, the Corsicana supercharger is only 60 miles away.

We arrived at the Corsicana supercharger in less than an hour with about 35 miles of range left. The supercharger is in the parking lot of the Collin Street Bakery (yum)! They love Tesla drivers and offer us free coffee.




Our next refueling stop was at the Huntsville, Texas supercharger. It’s in a hotel parking lot that’s a little difficult to access from the highway. We met another Tesla owner there who just received his car 3 days ago. He still had the Tesla grin.


We left the supercharging station headed for Lake Charles, Lousiana. It’s more than 200 miles (via Houston) if you stay on the highway. We decided to take a shortcut along state road 105, which cuts out about 40 miles. However it frustrated the Tesla navigation screen to no end.  It did not want us to take that route.  Along this route we saw lots of local law enforcement issuing tickets (did the nav know about this?).   The speed limit varies from 65 mph to 35 mph, and the signs seemed to change every quarter to half mile or so (no joke). If you miss one, you’re caught. We lucked out, but the guy behind us was not so lucky. Soon we made it to Louisiana.


And then we arrived at the Lake Charles supercharger station, which is about a half mile from some of the local casinos. We charged for about 30 minutes before continuing on to our hotel in Baton Rouge. Along the way on interstate 10 there are lots of elevated highway (over swampland).


Tomorrow we’ll hang around in Baton Rouge (no sightseeing). Just some mall shopping, maybe a movie, definitely some paperwork, and we’ll visit the Baton Rouge supercharger to get ready for Thursday’s trip to Tallahassee.