Today is our first and last full day in Dallas, Texas. We decided to visit the Dealey Plaza National Historic Landmark (the site of the motorcade where President Kennedy was assassinated). The 6th floor museum is very informative and is well worth the visit. I was only 6 years old on that day in 1963. Reading about something in history books and being at the location in person are two completely different things. More than 50 years later, visitors still come in droves. Here is a photo of the “grassy knoll”.


The museum is on the 6th floor of the Book Depository building (where the fatal shots were believed to be fired). You can look out the window and see the motorcade route. This is a photo of what the shooter would have seen (the trees would have been much smaller).


After our visit to the 6th floor museum we needed something on the “lighter side”, so we walked to Pioneer Plaza, which is a large public park in downtown Dallas. There is a large multi-sculpture there which commemorates the trails that brought settlers to Dallas and cattle to market. The sculpture consists of (49) longhorn cattle and (3) cowboys on horses.




After visiting Pioneer Plaza, we caught an Uber ride to Highland Park Village. It’s an upscale outdoor shopping center with a retro movie theater, located about 4 miles from downtown Dallas.



Returning to our hotel, we took in one last view of downtown Dallas.


Tomorrow, we depart Dallas on our way to Baton Rouge, Louisiana.