We’re on our way from Amarillo, Texas to Dallas. It’s a drive of about 466 miles. That brings our total to 5,917 miles driven on this roadtrip. The forecast is for rain at least half of the day, so we decided to enjoy an audio book on the route (James Patterson – Now You See Her).

Our Amarillo hotel has 4 charging stations, so we left town with a full battery.


Our first refueling stop was at the Shamrock, Texas supercharger station. We were surprised to find the supercharger located in a retro gasoline station (see photo). Really cool. We were only there for 15 minutes. Fortunately it wasn’t raining yet so we took some great pictures.



Our next refueling stop was at the Weatherford, Oklahoma supercharger station. Here we found a retro diner “Lucilles”, with yummy, inexpensive food. We decided to have lunch here and get a full charge for the longer ride to the next supercharger station. No rain yet, so we took some great photos here too.



As soon as we left Weatherford, it started raining and continued until we were about 30 miles from Dallas. After about 2 ½ hours of driving, we arrived at the Ardmore, Oklahoma supercharger station. We needed a full charge here too because it’s 100 miles to Dallas, and we won’t have another good opportunity to charge until we’re about 60 miles south of Dallas, on our way to Baton Rouge. It’s raining heavily at the Ardmore supercharger, so no photos here. I know it’s safe, but supercharging in the rain always makes me nervous (400 volts + wet conditions).

We’re finally arriving at our hotel in Dallas (the tall building on the left).


We have a beautiful view of downtown Dallas from our hotel.


We have a full day tomorrow to enjoy Dallas, and then onto Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Stay tuned.