Today is a relatively short driving day. The drive from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Amarillo, Texas is only about 273 miles. We’re beginning our trip today with only about one half of our total driving range (125 miles). This is because there were no easy or convenient charging stations near our hotel in Santa Fe. We had planned to drive directly to the Santa Rosa, NM supercharger station for the first leg of today’s trip (111 miles). We didn’t want to risk running out of battery on our way, so we took a short detour to the Las Vegas, New Mexico supercharger station, which was only 70 miles away. We charged there for about 10 minutes.


Then we were quickly on our way to Santa Rosa, which was only 67 miles away.


Before we knew it we were at the Santa Rosa supercharger station. We charged there for 20 minutes before continuing our drive.


Our final supercharger stop for the day was in Tucumcari, New Mexico. We had a quick lunch there at a McDonald’s (a big letdown after our wonderful dinners in Santa Fe).


Finally, we crossed the state line into Texas.


Just before we reached our hotel in Amarillo, Texas, we saw the famous “Cadillac Ranch” work of art.


Our Amarillo hotel has 4 Tesla Wall Chargers. We’ll have a full tank long before bedtime. Tomorrow we have a long drive to Dallas.