Today we are driving about 422 miles from Sedona, Arizona to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Thus far on this trip we have traveled 5,178 miles! Since our resort had a Tesla charging station, we have a full “range charge” as we leave Sedona. That allows us to skip the supercharger station in Flagstaff. Our first charging stop will be at the supercharger in Holbrook, AZ. Our next planned supercharger stop will be at Gallup, NM. Our final charging stop today will be at the new supercharger in Albuquerque, NM.

After a quick breakfast we left Sedona, heading towards state highway 17. We entered a state park along the way. The state park is heavily wooded and beautiful. We climbed about 3,000 or 4,000 feet via turnbacks to the summit.



The view from the summit was spectacular! If you click on the photo and look really close, you can see the roads we traveled far, far, down below.


At the summit, there was a rest stop with multiple American Indian vendors selling beautiful jewelry and crafts.


Traveling on, we passed Flagstaff, still with plenty of fuel.


Here we were in Arizona, with sunny skies and a strong breeze. A perfect place for a wind turbine power plant, or a solar power plant, but instead we find a relic of the past. A coal power plant generating electricity.


We charged at the Holbrook, AZ supercharger station according to plan and charged for about 30 minutes. We met other Tesla drivers there and had a great conversation while the cars refueled.


Next, we entered New Mexico, and the highway view immediately became more scenic.


We arrived at the Gallup, NM supercharger station to a nice welcome (see the sign)! We charged there for about 30 minutes. Our new Tesla friends were there also, so we continued our conversation.



Around 5:00pm (mountain time) we made it to the Albuquerque supercharger station. This station had just opened about 10 days earlier. FYI – we had backup plans in case it wasn’t open. We charged for about 40 minutes, and then headed for Santa Fe.



We arrived at our hotel in Santa Fe just before dark, and had a wonderful dinner at a restaurant a few blocks away. Tomorrow, we’ll explore Santa Fe, New Mexico.