I don’t know where the time goes. This is our last day in Sedona. The weather has just been perfect here. It’s been dry with high temperatures in the 70s and overnight lows in the low 60s. We’re getting spoiled. We began the day with another fabulous breakfast (with a view) in one of the resort’s restaurants. While we were eating, we thought we saw hikers near the top of the red rocks. I zoomed in with my camera and sure enough there were some brave hikers (climbers) challenging the rocks.



After breakfast we decided to take a stroll. We could see several cave dwellings in the rocks.


On our way back to our casita, we saw a family of (3) deer. They weren’t afraid, and neither were we.


If I had another day, I would practice my putting on the several putting greens within the resort.


Adjacent to the resort there were several amazing private homes. I can’t begin to imagine what they might cost.


While we were in Sedona, I finished a wonderful book on the life of Nikola Tesla.  Tomorrow, we leave this wonderful place, and head to Santa Fe, New Mexico. A new adventure awaits. Stay tuned.