Today’s an exciting day as we leave San Diego headed for Sedona, Arizona. It’s a 466 mile trip with 4 short supercharger stops scheduled, and lots to see along the way. Cloudy skies gave way to clear skies as we left town. The sun will be in our eyes for the first hour.


After 110 miles, our first supercharger stop is El Centro, CA. It’s 102 degrees here (in the desert) as we plug in to charge for 20 minutes.


Much to our surprise, the car stopped charging after picking up only 30 miles of range. None of the other supercharger bays would work for us either. Fortunately, we had 80 miles of range, and it was only 57 miles to the next supercharger station in Yuma, Arizona. We were worried that if something was wrong with the car, we might not be able to charge in Yuma either. So we pushed onward.  Now, with Yuma only 20 miles away, we were approaching the Imperial Sand Dunes.



The highway comes to a complete stop for a Border Patrol Inspection.


Finally, we reach the supercharger station in Yuma, Arizona with only 15 miles of range to spare. It’s 105 degrees outside as we reboot the car, and then proceed to plug in. Fortunately, the car decides to charge, so today’s trip can continue as planned. We charged for 45 minutes.

Just before Phoenix, we pulled into the Gila Bend, Arizona supercharger station. We charged without issue while having lunch at a Carl’s Jr.  Good gas prices, but our fuel cost was zero.


We passed through the western and northern Phoenix suburbs around 4pm. We rode in the HOV2 lanes which helped us make good time.


The final supercharger stop for today was at Cordes Lakes, Arizona.  It was just 53 miles from Sedona, so we only charged for 15 minutes, just to get a buffer.


As we approached Sedona, the rolling hills gave way to beautiful and majestic red rocks, which were accentuated by long shadows just before dusk.




Tomorrow, we’ll explore our beautiful resort and the town of Sedona.