Today we have a 330 mile drive from Las Vegas to San Diego, CA. That brings our total trip thus far to 4,290 miles. With a full battery, we decided to skip the Primm, NV supercharger station and continue on to the Barstow, California station. That’s about a 2 ½ hour drive. We arrived at the Barstow supercharger station to find a large (12) bay refueling station with a solar canopy!


We only charged for 20 minutes because we were hoping to arrive in San Diego before the afternoon rush hour traffic. We walked across the parking lot to a hotel were we found vending machines and restrooms, and then we were quickly on our way again. Along the way we could see thunderstorms in the distance.


Soon we arrived at the Rancho Cucamonga, CA supercharger station. It’s also a (12) bay station, and it’s located in a shopping mall parking lot. We decided to only charge for 20 minutes here as well because San Diego was only another 100 miles or so, and the storms were approaching fast.


As soon as we hit the road again we ran into the first of two massive thunderstorms. (I thought it never rained in southern California).


After a second thunderstorm and slowing traffic (due to accidents), we finally arrived at the San Diego supercharger station. It’s another (12) bay station located in a Qualcomm Corporation parking lot, within a very large office park. It was 95 degrees here (which is about 20 degrees above normal) for September. We charged for about 20 minutes and then left to check into our hotel.


We will be in the San Diego area for 4 days, visiting relatives and sightseeing, before continuing on to Sedona, Arizona.