Since this is our last day in Las Vegas, I decided to ask the hotel valet to refuel the Model S with one of their (3) Tesla Wall Chargers. I wanted to top off the battery before we depart for San Diego tomorrow. About 15 minutes later, I checked the Tesla App on my mobile phone to verify that the car was indeed charging at 80A.

After breakfast we decided to take an extended walk to the Encore Hotel and Casino. It is a sister property to the Wynn Hotel and Casino.


The Encore hotel has a beautiful and elegant décor. Somewhat similar to the Wynn, but with its own flair.


On our way back we stopped at Walgreens for some water and snacks for our continued road trip. We decided to do some window shopping at the Venetian Hotel “Grand Canal Shops”. This is a large and beautiful (shopping and dining) area that gives you the feeling that you are taking a stroll along the canals in Venice, Italy.



Next, we decided to relax at the Palazzo hotel pool. “Good News – Bad News”.

The Good News was that since the holiday weekend was over, and school was back in session, the pool was not crowded at all.

The Bad News was that it was sunny and 101 degrees outside. Not too bad in the shade, but after 30 minutes, all the shade was gone, so we went back inside. The Palazzo has multiple pools. There’s a large one with cabanas, a long one (photo), and multiple smaller, intimate pools. We were at the large one (where I didn’t take a photo).


Tomorrow, we have a 330 mile drive to San Diego, to meet up with family and begin our next adventure.  San Diego is going to be a blast!