Today we’re driving 512 miles from Grand Junction, CO to Las Vegas. That means we’ve traveled 3,963 miles so far on this trip (but who’s counting). We’re expecting to make (3) supercharger stops along the way (Green River, UT; Richfield, UT; and St. George, UT). We’ll be descending from an altitude of 4856 feet in Grand Junction to an altitude of 2181 feet in Las Vegas. I figured a nice gradual descent but I was totally wrong. During the day we drove up and down mountains several times, each time rising thousands of feet, and descending thousands of feet, making it difficult to estimate how much fuel we needed to get to the next supercharger station.


The highway was serene leaving Grand Junction, with virtually no traffic. What a joy to drive this road.


We stopped for 30 minutes at the supercharger station in Green River, UT.


In our 2nd driving leg today, the scenery changed to lots of rock formations (equally beautiful).  We arrived at the Richfield supercharger station around lunch time. Our lunch options were limited to an Arby’s, a Subway restaurant, or the Frontier Village restaurant. We opted for the Frontier Village restaurant. Smart move. By the time we were done, the Model S was fully charged, and we were on our way to the final supercharger stop in St. George, UT.

Good news, bad news. Bad news – the supercharger in St. George is several miles off the highway. Good news – it’s in a Starbucks parking lot, and adjacent to shopping and other things. We met very friendly staff at the Starbucks here. The Model S was full in no time and we were on our way to Las Vegas.

The drive from St. George, UT along I-15 south takes you through the northwest corner of Arizona. We encountered a 20 mile stretch of the most beautiful highway EVER! The highway winds through narrow canyon walls that tower over the car (makes you feel really small). We were in such awe that we forgot to take many photos, but we have these.




Finally, we made it to Las Vegas around 5:30pm, with 22 miles of range remaining. Arriving from the north, we didn’t hit much traffic. We checked into our hotel. Many of the Las Vegas hotels (including ours), have Tesla Wall Chargers in their parking lot. So the car will be full overnight. We have an awesome view of the Bellagio fountains from our suite and balcony (click on the photos to see).



We’ll be in Las Vegas for 5 nights. I hope we don’t get bored (LOL).