Today is expected to be one of the most scenic drives of our trip. The scenery heading west from Denver on Interstate 70 is spectacular. Unfortunately, the weather forecast is for rain through mid-afternoon. We left Fort Collins, Colorado headed for Denver. We decided to get a partial charge (15 minutes) at the Denver supercharger station because the first leg of today’s trip takes us from an elevation of 5200 feet, to an elevation of about 10,000 feet, in about 40 miles. The Denver supercharger station was near the airport, in a hotel parking lot.


After a quick charge, we headed west on I-70, up the incline, towards the Eisenhower tunnel. As expected, it started raining.


The Model S consumed more range on the incline as expected, but not as much as I feared. There was plenty of range left over when we arrived at the Silverthorne supercharger station. This was my first experience of finding one or more supercharger bays “ICE’d” (blocked by Internal Combustion Engine cars).


After charging at Silverthorne, we had planned to visit Breckenridge for lunch, but the weather was so bad that we decided to drive another 30 miles and have lunch at Vail. That was a wise decision because Vail is absolutely beautiful!!  When we arrived, the air temperature was 48 degrees (brrr..)!  By the time we left, it was around 60 degrees.




After lunch, we continued on to Glenwood Springs and the supercharger station there. The rain was finally ending, just in time for an incredibly scenic drive through canyons, tunnels, etc., etc. Glenwood Springs is a charming town. We wished we had more time for sightseeing.




After driving for about 350 miles today, we finally arrived at Grand Junction, Colorado. We used the supercharger here for about 25 minutes before checking into our hotel. Tomorrow, we’ll have a 500 mile drive to Las Vegas!