We got an early start today, even though we were only scheduled to drive about 350 miles (to Fort Collins, Colorado). Today’s journey involved a sightseeing stop at Mount Rushmore! Ever since I saw Alfred Hitchcock’s “North by Northwest”, visiting Mount Rushmore has been on my bucket list. Mount Rushmore is about 30 miles southwest of Rapid City, and it’s a beautiful drive up.





Leaving Mount Rushmore, we set our sights on the supercharger station (about 130 miles away), in Lusk, Wyoming. Enroute, there was very little traffic. It was such a pleasant drive that we listened to another audio book.



We arrived in Lusk, to find that the supercharger station was located in the parking lot of an old roadside motel. Once again, the front desk manager was very nice, but Lusk is a very small town, with limited options for food and shopping. So we visited a food mart 4 blocks away while we waited the 30 minutes to charge the car.



Our next supercharger stop was Cheyenne, Wyoming. On our way, the Tesla navigation recommended we leave the highway and drive about 14 miles on a country road (speed limit 60). We questioned that decision when we discovered we were the only human beings on this stretch of road. There were lots of farms with sunflowers growing in abundance, and some farms with horses and/or cows. About 10 miles into this detour, we went around a gradual curve to find a cow had wandered onto the roadway! That was a shock!

We arrived in Cheyenne to find the charging station is literally in the middle of an RV sales lot. We charged there for about 45 minutes while we had dinner across the parking lot at Olive Garden.

Finally, we had a short 50 mile drive to Fort Collins, Colorado where we are spending the night. More adventures tomorrow, as we climb to an 11,000 foot elevation and cross the continental divide!