Today, we’ll travel about 421 miles from Chicago to Albert Lea, MN. That will bring our total travel distance to 2,228 miles.  But who’s counting?  We’re scheduled to stop at (2) supercharger stations along the way. It was another beautiful day to travel. But the highway tolls continued until we entered Minnesota.

Our first supercharger stop was at a shopping mall in Madison, WI. We charged for 30 minutes while we ate lunch at the food court. We met some nice folks in the parking lot who were curious about the Model S.


Next, we stopped at a supercharger in La Crosse, WI. We met some (retired) Model S owners from Canada, who had been traveling the USA in their second Model S. We dashed into Home Depot (across the parking lot) for a restroom break, and we were on our way again.


On our way to Albert Lea, we were admiring all of the farms when we ran into a couple of large Wind Turbine Farms. After doing some research, I found out that Minnesota gets about 16% of their electricity from wind turbines. That’s enough electricity for 744,000 homes and lots of electric vehicles.


A little critter (locust?) jumped on our car and rode with us for more than 100 miles.


Finally, we arrived in Albert Lea. We decided to visit the supercharger here while we ate dinner, before checking into our hotel.


Tomorrow, we’ll cover 520 miles on our way to Rapid City, SD.