We left Akron, OH about 9:30am, on our way to Chicago. It’s about 377 miles from Akron to Chicago. We planned (3) supercharger stops today, but later decided to skip the scheduled charging stop in Angola, IN. Today’s route will take us along I-80 to Maumee, OH (near Toledo), then to Mishawaka, IN, and then into Chicago.

After spending at least $40 in tolls (along this stretch of highway) I stopped counting. The tolls in the northeast and mid-atlantic are cheap in comparison to the cost of the tolls on the turnpike from Pennsylvania through Chicago.

We stopped for about 30 minutes at a supercharger in Maumee, OH. It was in a Meijer’s (somewhat like Target) parking lot. We had an early lunch at Five Guys.

After another 2+ hours of driving, we stopped at a supercharger in Mishawaka at the University Park Mall. We shopped at Barnes and Noble for 30 minutes.


Finally, we’re on our way to Chicago. The car’s navigation screen automatically refreshed to display “Central Time”. That caught me off guard.


And yet another toll.


In case you thought you’ve seen everything “A Condo For Cars”


Room with a view. Meanwhile, the Model S is charging in the hotel’s parking garage across the street.


The most awesome seafood dinner – ever at a restaurant called “Eddie V’s”! Shrimp and Crab Chopped Salad, followed by Swordfish Steak (Broiled with Fresh Lump Crab, Avacado, Cilantro and Red Chile).



Sightseeing tomorrow!