Today’s the day!  We’ll be in the Baltimore area all day. We’re moving our daughter into the dormitory at Loyola. We’ll have lunch on campus, and attend the convocation ceremony. We’ll get our last hugs until family weekend this fall, and then we’ll leave the campus and head back to the hotel.

The move in process was very organized!  A sunny and cool morning.


As we were unloading the Model S, an interested parent came over to inquire about the car (he thought it was a hybrid), so he was surprised to learn that it was all electric, and that we had traveled more than 1,000 miles in it with all of our luggage.

We didn’t take very many photos today. We were just soaking it all in. The convocation ceremony (to accept the class of 2019) was very, very nice. There were probably 2,500 students and parents in attendance.


And just like that. We’re officially empty nesters. Tomorrow we head west, with a full tank of electrons. Stay tuned.  Until then, here are a couple more photos of the campus.